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Bubble Struggle – A Simple and Interesting Aim and Shoot Flash Game For Game Lovers

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Bubble Struggle is a typical aim and shoot flash game in which the player takes on the avatar of a devil character. Zanily dressed in a black trench coat, orange shorts, and a yellow shirt, the devil is supposed to shoot down dangerous bubbles. These bubbles come in a variety of sizes and need to be shot into smaller sizes, which, when shot at, eventually disappear.

Being a very simple game, Bubble Struggle ensures that all players need to do is shoot at a variety of colorful balls. Simple, isn’t it? But the game isn’t as simple as it appears to be. The first challenge of the Bubble Struggle game is the fact that the only direction in which you, as the devil, can shoot is upwards.

This makes shooting the bubbles a bit difficult because they are moving in a lot of different directions and are often horizontal with the devil himself!

Another complexity of this game is the fact that bubbles of any shape or size could prove to be fatal to the poor devil. To compensate for this fact, the Bubble Struggle game gives the devil two extra lives, letting him die twice in the attempt to master the level.

Talking about levels, the Bubble Struggle game has several levels, each increasing in complexity. The first level is pretty tame because in that level the devil has to clear just one bubble, which isn’t moving too fast. This level is ideal for players to get used to the abilities of the devil and prepare one to play the game. When shot, this bubble splits into two smaller balls that disappear as soon as they are shot by the devil. But, to add to the complexity of the game, you can’t just take your time to shoot bubbles because each level has a time limit. If the devil hasn’t managed to destroy the bubbles within that time, the devil loses a life. This limit is indicated with the help of a gauge at the bottom of the game.

The next level contains two bubbles, which also need to be split. This leaves the devil with four mini bubbles, which disappear when shot. To increase the complexity the third level just contains one large bubble, which splits into two medium bubbles. These medium bubbles, when shot, turn into four mini bubbles waiting to be shot to oblivion.

In addition to the increase in bubbles, the complexity of the game increases with an increase in the speed of the bubbles. But as the complexity of the game increases, so do the rewards. Sometimes, the devil gets money, weapons, additional time, additional life, or other useful rewards from shooting the bubbles. All this ensures that players have a sufficient mix of complexity and rewards to play the game, making it quite interesting for players who like such games.

Another useful feature of the game is that you can actually move to any level you have already mastered without needing to play all levels again. This proves to be useful for gamers who are more interested in mastering additional levels.

Bubble Struggle - A Simple and Interesting Aim and Shoot Flash Game For Game Lovers, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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